Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm back

Hi sometimes don't have time to type new posts but will put on some new stuff soon, this time for real, also I have been sick lots lately and hopes to manage to keep this going.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sims Woo Hoo

To get a Sim to Woo Hoo the Sims must be teenagers or adults and have 100 relationship.

To do the actual process you need to either have a double bed or a spa, to do the spa you need to have a Sim hop in and then get the other one to join them, then click on one Sim and their will be lots of options like kiss, Flirt and Woo Hoo, click on Woo Hoo and the Sims will have a small video [only you don't see the actual process.]

To do double bed get a Sim to relax on the bed then get the other to join them click on one and their will be options, click the option woo hoo or try for baby then they'll go under the covers and do their stuff.

Wrong Blog for oil

Sorry, I made a new Blog for my oil project and haven't been on this one in a wile.

The adress for that is

So now I have got some new features for you to enjoy, some are Pacman and a fortune cookie [fake but gives fortunes.] Also I am now going to use this as a fun and research blog.

One of the main topics is going to be Pokemon!!! And other random topics like Sims.

Here is a tip to help Sims that you want to love each other that you have just created, when you have got a man and women and you are making their family tree drag one picture to the other and choose spouse of whatever their name is then when you are playing them get one to do the thing that has the little lightning bolt next to it, for example make out.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Interesting facts about oil

Did you know oil costs 127 Us dollars per barrel?

OIl spills are around the most dandgerous things in the sea for marine life, worse then overfishing!!

On the internet if you type in questions on oil it will often have natural gas involved.

Oil map

This is an oil map Which the army used in order not to blow any of it up in their wars.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Who Questions

Q. Who fights over oil and why?

A. Many countries have massive political debates over who gets what oil, So around everyone

Q.Who first found oil?

A.Colin Edwin.L Drake and 'uncle' billy.

Q. Who makes obsine amounts of money From oil?

A. Countries which have lots of oil and heads of oil comapanies.

Why Questions

Q.Why Are Petrol prices so high now?

A.Because Oil is scarce

Q. Why do Government's Who find oil become rich?

A. Because now the prices of petrol [Gasoline] are so high they can make astronomical sums if they sell processed oil.

Q.Why does oil create pollution

A. Because Carbon dioxide is made by burning oil.